Pig slaughtering equipment

Mancini Group for over 30 years is engaged in slaughtering technology for pigs. Slaughtering is regulated by a series of well-defined health rules in order to ensure the good quality of  meat for human consumption. The operations must take place, as a rule, in an approved factory  having the necessary hygienic requirements. Our technology solutions comply with current European and USDA health regulations and satisfy any production requirement on pig slaughtering.

Our attention is constantly focused  on identifying advanced technological solutions: all the skills and know-how of Mancini Group is showcased in its plants worldwide, offering solutions and technologies suited to the modus operandi of each country. Our technology solutions meet any production requirement respecting even the smallest wishes of the Customers. 

In particular we manufacture entry channels, stunning box, lines for both horizontal and vertical bleeding, scalding and de-hairing systems, fixed and pneumatic platforms, brushing and flaming tunnels.


Highly customized solutions, based on a solid and tested system.

 For every kind of request we analyze and propose specific projects by customizing the solution, creating bespoke projects and aiming to optimize costs.

Whether you are a large structured company or a small business enterprise, we will help you to find the most suitable solution to your needs.

We always start from a careful audit of customer needs and we are able to provide a customized service. Solutions designed for companies with high logistical / operational complexity rate or niche projects: we can adapt our products to the needs of each one, without losing competitiveness in the final result.

The construction of the equipment and machinery is followed and monitored by our engineering department to ensure optimal performance and durability. Each machine is manufactured according to the MACHINERY DIRECTIVE 2006/42 / EC of 17/05/2006 L 157/24 and is accompanied by extensive documentation and "CE" certification.

The installation and start-up of the plant are carried out by highly qualified technical staff, with over 20 years of experience, who take care of the installation of aerial lines, the floor machinery,  up to the commissioning, testing and training of personnel in charge of the use and management of the plant.


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